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The Minnesota Conference Literature Evangelism Department exists to share Christ using the printed page.  It oversees all forms of literature evangelism throughout the state of Minnesota.  Evangelism is largely conducted through two ministries:  Minnesota Youth Rush and GLOW. 

Minnesota Youth Rush is a ten-week summer magabook program where student and adult workers canvass to distribute special additions of Steps to Christ, Desire of Ages, and The Great Controversy as well as kids books, and cookbooks.  Students of all ages who join Minnesota Youth Rush experience a deeper spiritual revival in their personal lives with the added bonus of earning a scholarship, Christian peer fellowship and an experience in soul winning.  Workers ranging from ages 16 and up are encouraged to apply. 



G.L.O.W. is an acronym (Giving Light to Our World).   Its purpose is to provide every willing-hearted church member with the training and materials necessary to share their faith through literature in everyday life.  The concept is simple: carry some literature with you wherever you go and give it away.  Over 52,700,000 GLOW tracts have been distributed around the world through many creative ways.  You can Purchase GLOW tracts by clicking the button below.


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Adult workers

Are you seeking to be active in Gods work as an adult literature evangelist?  The Lord has a place and a plan for you in His work.  Contact us for more info.  "Our periodicals are to be distributed by men and women of all stations and walks in life. Young and old are to act a part."  Publishing Ministry page 57 



  Darrell Conway serves as Literature Evangelism Coordinator for the
  Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  He is passionate
  about literature ministry and has been actively involved in Student
  Magabook programs in several states for the last nine years.  He
  graduated with a bachelor of arts in theology from Ouachita Hills
  College and oversees GLOW and Magabook ministries for the




          Darrell Conway

Literature Evangelism Coordinator
Office: (320) 332-9073
Email: darrell.conway@mnsda.com