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Why Pray
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Why Pray
It is said that prayer is like the air that we breathe. Prayer is one of the weapons that the Christian should always have in his/her arsenal – “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” (Ephesians 6:18).  Knowing that prayer is very essential in our spiritual life and being, MAPM inaugurated the MAPM PRAYER group on May 28, 2012.  It took some time to garner a few prayer warriors together but it was worth the effort. We should realize that it is necessary for any Christian, Christian organization/group to have a prayer element /arm.

We have to constantly battle the evil forces –this cannot be accomplished successfully outside of Prince Emmanuel. Therefore, we need to be constantly held up in prayer. We need to pray for ourselves but intercessory prayers are also important; even Jesus prayed for His disciples.  Since the MAPM Prayer group has been functional, we have seen God open doors and do great and marvelous things for MAPM – sometimes we marvel and wonder if we can keep pace with God. I use this medium to solicit individuals who are interested in becoming members of the prayer team.  Come and join us as we petition God’s throne for protection, growth, health, direction/guidance in our pilgrimage on earth to serve humanity via Prison Ministries. No need to fear because working through this prayer team, you need not go physically behind the prison bars. Come and join this arm of MAPM!