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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What about the monthly exercise reports?

A: By turning in a monthly exercise and diet report for you and your spouse you can lower your monthly health care premium. Reports must be turned in by the 15th of each month and no later than one month in the past. The form must be emailed electronically in the Excel format. The formulas will calculate your total savings automatically. Contact the Dwayne Mauk, VP for Finance, if you have further questions.

Q: How do I access eAdventist.net for my church's membership records?
A: Contact Susan Inglish at the conference office. She will work with you to determine with the problem is. 763.424.8923 or email.

Q: What is the policy/requirements for pastors who want to enter the Masters in Pastoral Ministry extension program offered through Andrews University?
A: Download the conference policy.

Q: Who at the conference do I talk to about financial questions like reimbursement for medical, travel, education, etc.?
A: Dwayne Mauk. Phone: 763-424-8923, ext. 107. or E-mail.

Q: Who at the conference do I talk to about vacation requests?
A: We no longer require vacation request forms to be submitted. You should email Yulian Tinoco, Ministerial Director, and Justin Lyons, President, at least two weeks prior to taking a vacation. Vacation days should be submitted via your monthly workers' report. For questions regarding how to complete your monthly workers' report, please contact Savannah Carlson