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Welcome to the Pastors' Resources Page. You will find various documents that, hopefully, will make your life easier. Should you have any questions about the documents on this page, please email Savannah Carlson.

2018 Spring Worker's Meetings
Thank you for attending the 2018 Spring Workers' Meetings! To access the HR/Treasury presentation, please click here.

Vacation Processing
If you're planning on taking a day off for vacation or holiday time, please email Yulian Tinoco and Justin Lyons at least two weeks prior to taking those days off. Be sure to include who is responsible for your various churches while you are on vacation. It is important that the Conference personnel are aware when you are out of town or taking time off, as we are often asked where specific pastors are located.

Report Member Deaths to Conference
Please remember to report the deaths of church members to the Conference Clerk, David Bonjour. In addition, it would be beneficial to copy Michael Sims, Director of Gift Planning and Trust Services. The sooner we discover that someone has passed away, the sooner we can help process estate planning (if held at the Conference), or for David to notify the Communications department. An obituary submission form is downloadable for submission to the Outlook Magazine & to be shared via the electronic Northern Light. Send this form to the communication department.