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Church Safety

Below are all the forms and instructions necessary for creating your comprehensive church safety plan. Some documents are still to come.

Child Protection

  • Child Protection Policy (This policy must be adopted by board vote in each church).
  • Policy Implementation (Contains detailed instructions for implementing the child protection plan in your church).
  • Background Check Consent Form (Each staff member and volunteer should complete this form for a background check prior to their involvement with children).
  • Suspected Incident Report (Submit to conference if child abuse incident is suspected).
  • Report Disclosure (This disclosure statement must be signed by each staff and volunteer who will have a background check. Don't forget to include social security numbers!)
  • Known Offender Guidelines (Every Adventist church and school in the Minnesota Conference must abide by these guidelines for involving known offenders in activities).
OSHA Requirements
  • Employee Right-to-Know Program (Outlines the conference program for workplace safety. This should be personalized for your church).
  • Work-related Illness & Injury Log and Report (This instruction booklet and log must be accessible at each church. The included work-related illness and injury log must be completed throughout the year and submitted to the conference annually. The included report form must be filed with the conference immediately when an illness or injury occurs).
  • Hazardous Substance Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (Every chemical in your church must have a MSDS included in a special notebook. This is an example of the kind of information that should be included in your MSDS notebook. These sheets are usually available on the internet from the manufacturer. The log must be always kept up to date).

Bloodborne Pathogens

General Church Safety