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Church Works Event: December 7-9
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Church Works Event: December 7-9

The executive committee met on the August 28 and we accomplished several things. I am focused only on one of them at this moment. They approved our basic approach to outreach and evangelism over the next three years. We shared that document with you at North Star Camp the end of July.

The grid on the back page of that document is now being filled in and updated and you will soon be getting time lines and count downs to various training events as we try to equip our members.

The first major event is Church Works. It is a production of NADEI and is a more or less mini seeds conference. That weekend is December 7-9. It will take place on the Maplewood Campus. We are asking each of you to attend AND bring with you up to 10 people from your district. This will go from Friday evening until Sunday noon. We are providing food, materials, and instruction of very high quality and there will be a charge of $49 per person. Please watch for registration forms coming shortly. Those forms will very likely appear differently than anything you have seen from us before, but watch for it and we will be expecting to hear back from you through the registration channels we normally use.

When the weekend is over you and your members will have the tools needed to plan a very effective outreach track for your churches for the next few years.

I know December is a tough month but we wanted to get started on this training and this was when NADEI could do it.

Blessings to all of you.